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Meet The Instructors


Michael LaBorde

Head Instructor

Coach Mike is a  Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Anthony Mitchell from the prestigious Soulfighters Association. Mike has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for  12 years while cross training in Judo and Wrestling. With 10 years experience in teaching classes and winning at the state, national, international, and pro levels from white to black belt he is by far the most qualified and experienced instructor in the area.   

Competition accolades: 

2nd.     LA State championships blue belt ’13

3rd.      MS State Games blue belt ’13

2nd.     NAGA NOLA purple belt division (competed as a blue belt) ’13

3rd.     IBJJF Dallas middleweight purple belt ‘14

1st.     NAGA NOLA middleweight Purple belt ‘14

3rd.     IBJJF ATL middleweight purple belt ’15

1st.     NAGA Memphis middleweight purple belt ’16

1st.     AGF Nola middleweight purple belt ’17

1st.     AGF Nola middleweight purple belt ’18

1st.     AGF Jackson MS Med. Heavy purple belt ’18

3rd.    IBJJF American Nationals Las Vegas purple middleweight ’18

2nd.     Newbreed NOLA purple belt open weight ’18

1st.     Birmingham Open middleweight purple belt ’18

DRAW Submission Hunter Pro Memphis brown belt 190lbs. ’19

2nd.    AGF Jacksonville FL Med. heavy brown belt ’19

1st.      AGF Shreveport LA brown belt open weight ’19

2nd.    AGF Columbus GA brown belt open weight ’19

3rd.    AGF Dallas TX brown belt Med. heavy ’19

1st.     AGF Conway AR brown belt Med. heavy ’19

1st.    AGF Atlanta GA brown belt open weight ’19

1st.    AGF St. Louis MO brown belt middleweight ’19

1st.    AGF Nashville TN brown belt middleweight ’19

WINNER SubHunter Pro Nashville Super-fight brown belt 190lbs. ‘19

1st   IBJJF  Gi NOLA Master 1 brown belt Heavyweight '20

3rd   IBJJF  NOGi NOLA Master 1 brown belt Heavyweight '20

1st   AGF Nationals Tulsa OK Master 1 brown belt Middleweight '20

2nd   AGF Puerto Rico brown belt heavyweight '21

3rd    IBJJF Memphis brown belt Medium Heavy '21

1st     Newbreed Memphis Blackbelt OpenWeight '22


Lawson Brines

Assistant Instructor

Lawson has 9 years of marital arts experience. He has 6 years of Brazilian jiu jitsu training earning his purple belt in 2021. He earned his 1st Dan black belt in Isshunryu and his blue belt in jiu jitsu by the age of 16. He is a very active competitor in the sport of jiu jitsu. He has been competing against adults since the age of 14 and has won many large scale jiu jitsu tournaments throughout the country. He is undefeated as a professional grappler.

The Studio


1903 University Avenue Suite 4

OXFORD, MS 38655

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